Word of Mouth

Jo Sarsby

“We were really pleased with the work Fiona did publicising Doug Allan’s autumn 2012 tour. As well as getting extensive press coverage, she also helped with marketing by contacting groups who would be interested in Doug. The ticket sales increased significantly and we are sure much of this was down to the media coverage garnered by Fiona.”


William Burdett Coutts, Artistic Director of Assembly Theatre

“When it comes to PR, superlatives abound for Fiona Duff. She trips stories off the cuff and fires journalists with the metal of a wordsmith – truly wonderful.”


Pete Irvine, Director of Unique Events and Scotland The Best author

“I’ve employed Duff Publicity to handle PR for Capital Christmas, Burns an’ a’ that Festival (2004 & 2005) and for the last two editions of Scotland The Best. They have on every occasion done a fantastic job and have been great to work with. I think they are the most inappropriately named company in Scotland.  Then again I don’t know if I would have employed Bloody Good PR…….”


David Scott, Chairman Howies restaurants

“Over the years I’ve been in business I’ve employed PR on both an employed basis internally and externally through the use of PR companies. Until I met Fiona(Duff Publicity) I experienced a pretty ‘mixed bag’ and was unconvinced as to their real worth. Through proactive initiatives and the good use of her press contacts Fiona and her team exposed Howies to both national and Scotland-wide media coverage, resulting in some excellent tangible results (in particular I recall our Miss Saigon promotion as delivering excellent turnover at a tricky time of year). Fiona is not only highly professional and enthusiastic, she’s also great fun to work with!”


Simon Thoumire, Trad Music Awards

“We were very happy with Duff Publicity’s work. I don’t think traditional music has had so much publicity in the media for years and many people have said to us how amazed they were at the coverage Duff Publicity achieved throughout all newspapers and other outlets. We would recommend this company to anybody looking for a successful campaign.”


Rhiannon Batten, Freelance travel journalist for Independent, Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Times, Conde Nast Traveller, GQ and Olive

“Duff Publicity are what you look for in a PR company. They come up with good ideas and make them work. They provide information quickly and are extremely nice to deal with. Despite the ridiculous name, when I see ‘Duff Publicity’ at the end of a press release I am filled with confidence.”


Kate Patrick, Freelance for House & Garden, Scotland Magazine, Times & Telegraph and editor of Luxury Briefing

“Duff Publicity has the rare attribute of being genuinely liked and also respected by the print and broadcast media it targets. This is because Fiona Duff a) has sharp ideas and an innate ability to spin the smallest grain of sugar into the biggest puff of pink candyfloss if you want it; b) doesn’t waste your time; c) has been a journalist and therefore speaks our language, either in the bar via wine, or on the page via succinct press releases; d) provides efficient back-up. As far as I know, she is not paying me to write this.”


Liam Rudden, Arts Editor Edinburgh Evening News

“Having worked with Duff Publicity on numerous occasions I have always found them to be extremely reliable and am constantly amazed by the way they always manage to secure the ‘impossible’ interviews I request. When I need facts and figures they provide them efficiently and accurately and, compared with many other companies, are a pleasure to work with.”


Belinda Dickson, Chief Executive Belinda Robertson Cashmere

“I first used Duff Publicity in spring 2004 to handle PR for the launch of my Edinburgh store and help organise the opening party. It was a great success and we received extremely widespread coverage. Since October 2004 I have employed them on a full-time basis and am extremely pleased with all their work in promoting new products as well as our more well established collections.”


Gaynor Turner, Director Macintyres of Edinburgh

“Duff Publicity have proved to be a very worthwhile and cost effective vehicle for our company. I must admit I was a bit of a PR sceptic before we used Duff Publicity but having seen immediate results on the bottom line I am now a convert.”


Simon Pia, Scotsman Diary Editor

“Fiona Duff is ‘sans pareil’ when it comes to placing a story. In between wining and dining Julie Burchill and Jackie Clune at the Festival she scored the PR Coup on the Fringe 2004 with massive coverage of Christian Slater’s birthday party. It was double whammy as Slater, who was appearing in Cuckoo’s Nest at the Assembly (one client) held his party at Hallion (another client).”


Alison Craig

“Duff Publicity secured me blanket coverage press, radio & TV for the launch of my first novel Alison’s Diary, The Nappy Years. 100’s of new books are published every day and without Duff my novel would have sunk without a trace. Instead it was in the Top 10 Book Chart for over 3 months. Fiona Duff has more contacts than Heidi Fliess and is the heart and soul of PR in Scotland.”


Lee Randall, Assistant Editor (features and arts), The Scotsman

“Fiona Duff has put in the hours on both sides of the fence, as a publicist and a journalist, making her uniquely placed to anticipate and respond to the needs of those of us still toiling in the Fourth Estate. Her creative ideas are instantly useable, her contacts far-reaching, and her understanding of journalism’s often berserk deadlines invaluable.”


Cate Devine, features writer, The Herald

“I’ve always enjoyed working with Duff Publicity. They are imaginative and intelligent yet restrained, and know exactly how and when to pitch ideas. Their approach is always well researched, precisely targeted and they know when not to nag. They are slick and entirely professional. Also, the client list is arty and creative, which from my point of view makes working with them a pleasure rather than a chore.”


Clare Trodden, editor of Spectrum, Scotland on Sunday

“What sets Fiona Duff apart from other PRs is that her experience in both PR and journalism makes her so easy to deal with. She is friendly, efficient and comes up with good ideas – exactly what you want when dealing with anyone in this business. She is one of the best PRs I’ve worked with.”


Rik Fulton, Showbiz Editor, Daily Record

In my many dealings with Duff Publicity I’ve always found that they react quickly to requests and approach us with interesting interviews that are right for our paper. They are pro-active rather than reactive and are always good humoured and pleasant to deal with.


Jackie McGlone, Freelance Journalist

I can’t get enough of Duff, who is anything but (duff). As an arts journalist and general feature writer, I work with many PRs – often reluctantly! – but few of them have Fiona Duff’s talent for sniffing out a great story and then delivering it so efficiently that all a journalist has to do is meet the deadline.